Q&A: SWFA SS 3-9×42


I end up fielding a lot of product choice questions and there are some that pop up more often than others.  Occasionally, I will answer here in my blog.  This particular question was a PM on OpticsTalk forum.

Question:  “I want to make sure that I get something that is a solid low light performer.  Is there anything equivalent to the SS 3-9×40 with an illuminated reticle in the same price range?  The SS seems tough to beat for price/quality. “


Answer (or my take on it, to be more correct):  The SWFA SS 3-9×42 is indeed tough to beat in this price range and I am not aware of anything similar to it that has an illuminated reticle without costing a whole lot more.  If you simply need a good low light scope in this general price range and you do not need FFP reticle, and tactical knobs, consider Trijicon Accupoint 3-9×40.  Otherwise, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how well the SS 3-9×42 works in low light.  I suggest you take a good look at the version with the new Mil-Quad reticle.

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