Binoculars: Under $1500


This is an interesting price range.  “Alpha” brands are mostly above this price range, and most binoculars in this price range are, in my opinion, not sufficiently better than my “under $900” picks to be worthwhile.  There are, however, a few interesting models that are definitely worth considering.


Swarovski SLCneu 7×42: these used to be my “go to” binoculars for quite some time and they still offer one of the most relaxed and clear views out there.


Meopta Meostar 8×56: this a specialized lowlight binocular.  It is big and heavy, and not for everyday use.  However, as the sun sets, you will appreciate it.


Kowa Genesis 8.5×44: Excellent resolution with spectacular contrast that is as good as anything else out there.  The image really “pops” with these Kowas.


Vortex Kaibab 15×56: If you are looking for “big eyes”, check these out.  Great combination of performance and world-class ergonomics.

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