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Here is a question I received via e-mail:

“Not having had the opportunity to have hands on experience with as many scopes as you have, I thought I’d see if you could recommend one (or several) to me. Here’s the situation: I have a 1.5-6 Spectre DR on a SCAR16, and another on a SCAR17, a 1-4 Spectre DR on a 18″bbl TAVOR, and an AUG A3 with both 24″ and 16″ bbls but with no optics mounted. I can use either of the existing 5.56 DR’s on the AUG but I think the BDC reticle will be off for the 24” bbl. That being the case, I’m thinking about a variable power scope with a Mil reticle / Mil turrets that I can use on any of the guns. That means something appropriate for both 7.62 and 5.56. Any thoughts? “

Good question.

You did not mention your budget, but since you a running Spectre DRs, I will go ahead and assume you want something no more expensive than that.  With Spectre DRs running at a bit over $2k, I think you have a lot of options to choose from.

If you want a low range variable with a mil-scale, you should take a close look at SWFA SS 1-6×24.  It offers a lot for the money and it is built like a tank.  The SS is a FFP scope.  My favourite SFP option in this general price range is the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6×24 with VMR-2 reticle.

For my money, I would be going for one of these two.

If you would prefer a little more magnification on the top end, you can splurge for March 1-8×24 (FFP) or March 1-10×24 (SFP).  Both are compact and exceptionally well built.  They are expensive though.

If having 1x on the low end is not critical, you have a variety of other options in different price ranges, but the scopes get a bit bigger, and I am not sure I would necessarily go for that on rather compact AUG rifles.  If that is something of interest to you, I can offer some additional recommendations.


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  1. Here is a bit of a follow-up:

    I may re think the whole project because I’ve got an itch to buy an AI in .338 Lapua, and that will require different optics. I’ve got an old Leupold Mk4 10x mil dot scope laying around that I could use right now for the AUG with the 24 in bbl or the SCAR17. It’s a little old school but it’s a serviceable scope.

    Take you 10x Mk4 and add this to it:


    There is your 1x/10x scope.

    I occasionally use that same combination with my 10x42HD from SWFA:

     photo WP_20121230_018_zpsa3dc3a48.jpg

    It works surprisingly well.

    • Ilya…I got a Savage 110BA .338 Lapua and mounted a Vortex Gen 2 Razor HD 4.5-27×56 Mil/Mil scope with EBR2C reticle. It’s pretty cost effective and the rig shoots well enough for me.


      Couldn’t figure out how to attach a photo…

  2. E-mail me the photo and I’ll post it for you in the comments for the Vortex.

    Glad you like the scope though.


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