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  1. You could go with the perennial favorites the .243, 260 Rem and 6.5 Creedmore which I would think would suit your needs for tactical matches and also stretch out to 1200yds without to much issue. Or you could have little more fun and do an 6XC, 6mm Creedmore or 6mm Dasher.

  2. Since I already have a 6.5×47, neither 260 nor 6.5CM would offer me anything very different. 243Win holds some interest since I do not have any 6mm cartridges, but since I want it in a short 16″ barrel whether I would be better served with something with a smaller case capacity, like 6mm Dasher or its parent cartridge, 6mm BR.

  3. If you have a fair amount of extra 6.5×47 Lapua brass you could neck it down and run 22×47. I don’t have any personal experience with this particular cartridge but ballisticly I believe it comes it right under the 22-250AI and could be a fun project.

  4. I do not have a whole lot of 6.5×47 lying around and what I do have I use with the 6.5×47 rifle.

    I do have a lot of 22-250 brass lying around, so I can always get a fast twist 22-250AI. I am just not sure how suitable it is for a short barrel.


    • I know I’m late to the party but I think the 308 is a good choice with the shorter barrel.. not very exotic though 🙂

      The 6br would be an interesting chioce.

      If you really want to go for something different look at the 6.5 grendel. Your brass would last forever given the low pressure and very cheap blinking ammo is available (wolf).

      .284 Winchester would be nice too… although I think you’d want a longer barrel for that one. I think it would be a single shot in a savage short action.

      Good luck

      • I already have an AR-15 chambered for the Grendel, and it is quite accurate. Re-barreling the Savage for it could still be interesting though. I like the 6BR idea primarily because I do not have a 6mm and because I can keep the same bolt.
        I do have a couple of 308s, but neither one is exceptionally accurate, so that is always an option. I can get some sort of a high end heavy contour 16″ 308 barrel, folding stock McRee chassis and it will be an interesting compact precision rifle.


        • If you decide to go with the 6br the next thing you’ll have to decide on is heavy or light bullets. I’ve heard of guys going with a slower twist for light bullets in short barrels.

          What’s your intended use for this rifle when you are done?

          More importantly, what scope are you going to put on it 😉

          • You ask too many good questions that I havn’t really thought through very well.

            I will likely go with a fast twist barrel. Since modern bullets are remarkably concentric, I am not too worried about overspinning them.

            Intended use for the rifle will be largely to sit int he safe and collect dust. Once the project is completed and works well, I have a tendency to never use it again and move on to another project….

            On a more serious note, the use will be primarily target shooting practice. I am unlikely to compete, but I like accurate guns. The way my schedule works out, this rifle will spend a lot of time in the trunk of my car on an off chance I can sneak out to the range. With a short barrel and a folding stock, I should be able to use a very inconspicuous barrels.

            The scope choice will get complicated, since I rotate scopes all the time. I am currently testing Steiner T5Xi 3-`5×50 and I like it a fair bit. It is also quite compact for what it is. I think that is going to be the prime candidate for this kind of a rifle.

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