Apr 122016

I received a couple of items from Sig Electro Optics to look at:

Tango 6 3-18×44 riflescope and Romeo 4C red dot.

I did a very brief side by side of the Tango 6 against Leupodl Mark 6 3-18×44 and Nightforce ATACR F1 4-16×42 and the Tango6 is holding its own pretty well.  It is not a small scope:

But it looks very well sorted out.  I like the turrets and during a brief night time test the optical quality looked very respectable for the money.


Romeo 4C is OEM’ed by Holosun for Sig (I think), although Sig has its own cosmetics and color scheme.  I asked for this one because it can work off of its solar battery.  I thought it was an interesting twist, so I figured I should try it.

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  1. Any chance you are going to add the Sig Bravo4 to your Compact optics comparison?

    • I expect to pay with one when they have it available.
      It will be interesting to compare it to the Elcan.

  2. Not another one to consider…LOL

    Just when I thought I had it narrowed down you post this. The Mark 6 and the ATACR F1 were my final two for consideration and I was almost to the point of placing an order, now I’m not sure what to do.

    • I had a chance to look at all three side by side and the choice between them really comes down to application and personal preference (and how much you are willing to spend). I’ll have a proper article up in a bit, but basically, Mark6 is a much more compact option and I like how it works with a Christmas tree style reticle. I did not like the M5B2 turret: it did not track. It did stay zeroed. Nightforce had flawless tracking and the best glass of the bunch. It is a fair bit heavier though and I think illumination system could use a little work. Sig is between the two optically. It tracks well and I really like the illumination system. It is also about $600 less than the Nightforce, although it is the heaviest of the bunch. The most direct competitor for the Sig, oddly, is the Steiner T5Xi 3-15×50. Between these two, it is a hard call. T5Xi had a rocky start, but it has all been resolved now. T5Xi has a larger maintube and larger objective, but it is still a touch lighter than the Sig and a bit more user friendly. Overall, I think T5Xi is a slightly better scope, so if the reticle in it works for you, I would lean that way. However, if you need to mount the scope lower or if you prefer Sig reticle, it is a good option.

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