Jul 182019

I get a lot of ideas on what to address in future videos and articles from the questions I get here and on different forums where I participate. I am on a bit of a hiatus right now as I relocate my family to a different state (and my dayjob to a different, different state), so I figured I should start making a list of questions that are worth addressing when my life is a bit more settled down again. Here are a few that I recently ran into on SnipersHide:

  1. Tube diameter. What does it really give you?
  2. Exit pupil. How come the math does not work on low power? what changed with new high erector ration riflescopes?
  3. More on exit pupil. Are we really wasting light with larger exit pupil? Compromises between eye fatigue, field of view and magnification.

Please comment or send me an e-mail with other ideas and I’ll add them to this post to keep a running tally. I am sure I have touched on some of these in earlier videos, but I’ll be happy to go into more detail if there is interest.

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  7 Responses to “Future Video and Article Ideas?”

  1. Would love to see you cover the new Nightforce NX8 and Burris XTR III line. On the technical front would love to hear/see your thoughts on the relationship between exit pupil, eyebox, magnification, etc. Finally, would love to see a video on diopter setup and why its so difficult for some people (including myself) to get dialed in just right.

    • I forgot about the diopter setup. That’s a good idea. I will definitely go over that.

  2. I’d love an update on the SWFA ultralight 2.5-10! Nobody is really reviewing them online. How are they holding up? Are they ever coming out with the BDC reticle? Are the turrets viable for dialing if one was feeling frisky? I’ve been lusting after the BDC version to the point that I held off and missed all the good deals on the Vortex Razor HD LH 1.5-8X32. I just don’t have a ton of love for a simple Duplex reticle without usable turrets anymore.

    I really like lightweight ‘walking around’ rifles chambered for intermediate cartridges (AR’s and bolt guns). This scope would check a lot of boxes, depending on how well they pulled it off.

    Also would be interested in hearing about other scopes that may fill niches for guns like Ruger American Ranch rifles, CZ 527s, Howa mini actions, Tikka lightweight compacts, and AR’s that top out at 6 pounds naked (or less). How can one maximize capability/versatility without mucking up the feel/portability of these rifles?

    The market, it seems to me, is moving in the opposite direction here. This is my sad face. 🙁 “Give me one inch tubes, or give me red dots!!”–yells the cranky guy with astigmatism– “but I also want good reticles.” “Here, have a boat anchor,” answers the industry. Blech!

    • BDC reticle in the Ultralight is supposed to be here any moment now. I’ll check. The 2.5-10×32 Ultralights out there seem to be holding up quite nicely. I’ve been keeping track of that when possible. Unfortunately, tweener scopes are far and few in between. They don’t sell very well, so the keep getting discontinued. Aside from the SS Ultralight, there is always Swaro Z3 3-9×36, Leupold VX-R 2-7×33, Sightron S-Tac 2-10×32 and a few others.

  3. I just picked up a 34 mm tubed scope, haha, and would like to see something on tube diameter. Does a larger tube add more than adjustment and strength.

  4. Would love to hear your thoughts on Steiner M8xi 1-8. Looking for a comparison against the competition

    • With 1-8x scopes, I have a pretty strong preference for FFP designs. Since M8Xi is SFP, I was not planning to test it. I might look at the IFS version at some point, but no specific plans right now.

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