Oct 242019

One reason I have not been as active as I like being on the website is that I finally hightailed it out of California in August of this year. Moving across state lines is an interesting endeavor and it has kept me very busy. We are now finally settling in properly and I am adjusting to New Mexico’s somewhat less idiotic gun laws. I am a little concerned that New Mexico politicians are slowly pursuing California-style gun control madness, but for now it is quite tolerable.

Once you get out of California, you learn that some terminology changes. For example, what was called “high capacity” magazine in California, destined to make a mass murderer out of anyone who as much as touches one, is just a normal magazine out here. Naturally, I went and purchased a few and I am happy to report that, contrary to what our communist brethren in California believe, they did not make me appreciably more violent or likely to commit a crime than I was before.

Now that I confirmed that it is indeed safe (insert major sarcasm and much cursing in three languages), I figured I’ll share a few links that I am about to use myself. I am heading to Frontsight in November for a rifle class and my plan is to have enough magazines on hand to not have to top anything off during class. Well that and, after 28 years in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, purchasing a whole case of 30, 40 or 60 round magazines is a cathartic experience that frequently makes you want to lay back and have a cigar afterwards.

After some digging, I ended up going to Palmetto Armory for my magazine needs. They seem to run fairly frequent sales and offer a good variety of different mags. Here are the links to what I am about to pull the trigger (figuratively speaking) on. I want to try a few brands to see if there are any reliability issues in my ARs.

  1. 60 round Schmeisser mag. I do not know if it is any good, but I see no situation where, having just moved from Cali, I am not going to get one.
  2. D&H 30 round mags are $7.99 each until the end of the day tomorrow.
  3. Magpul 30 round PMAGs are $12.30 each until the end of the day tomorrow. I already have a few of these purchased locally, so I do not know if I will jump on this one yet
  4. 20 round Lancer magazines. For shooting prone, I prefer slightly shorter 20 rounds mags, since I can get a little lower that way.
  5. 20 round PMAGs. Not sure if they work better or worse than Lancer, but I will test both. These are a little cheaper.

Once I do my AR magazine research, next project will be getting an AK and do series of articles on AK applicable optics.

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  1. Firstly, congratulations on the move. I feel like the whole west coast, including my own state, is starting to push for stricter firearm control. Thankfully the State court just took down a few obscene gun storage laws!

    Pmags are tried and true, and the newer ones have windows for more accurate round counts. I use Lancer mags now because not only are they clear, the have multiple color options (I run purple and red exclusively.) No problems with either brands. Stay away from drum mags, we haven’t found a single one that wont double feed due to spring tension issues. They do look cool tho!

    • Which state are you in?

      I am sure I will buy a drum magazine at some point for my AK, just because I can.

      Generally, I have ordered that Schmeisser 60rd mag and I have a Surefire 60rd mag that had to be kept disassembled. Surefire mag seems to work surprisingly well. With PMAGs, I already have a bunch of 30 rounders and a couple of 40 rounders that I will try during a class in a couple of weeks.

      • WA. I don’t have any experience with anything other than red AK mags, so let us know how that goes!

    • I too live in WS which is a split state. Normal on the east and liberal morons on the west…..

  2. You should have stopped in AZ. 🙂 I know work and life dictates our where our home is, but I feel pretty safe here in AZ for gun advocacy. But no matter where we live, we all still have work and education to protect our rights.

    Palmetto is good, but also have had great experiences with mags and ammo at Target Sports. Member prices run a little lower than what is shown on ammoseek.

    Love your work and time you spend with scopes to give unbiased thoughts. Much appreciated!

    • I am also a member at Target Sports. Most of my ammo comes either from them or from SG Ammo. Palmetto runs crazy sales sometimes, so I always keep an eye out. Also, I am probably going to pick up their KS-47. Seems like an interesting gun to play with.
      As far as Arizona goes, it is not a purple state, so I would not feel quite so confident. If New Mexico gets much crazier, I’ll just keep going east until I end u pin Texas. With New Mexico, it will be interesting to see where the chips fall. It is generally a rather poor state except thanks to fracking and other modern technologies for getting oil and gas out of the ground, it is now third highest fossil fuel producing state int he nation. That produces all sorts of revenue for our erstwhile politicians in Santa Fe, who appreciate the money, but still have to pander to their communist voting base that wants all that oil and gas producing activity stopped. It will be interesting to see how all that pans out. A part of Permian basin is in NM and I bet the people working there are itching to separate form NM and join Texas.

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