Jan 262020

I’ll do a series of videos on my takeaways from SHOT and add all relevant links and pictures into this post.

The first video is up on Youtube.

Recording of the first FacebookLive session I did on this.
Part 2
Part 3
Tangent Theta 3-15×50 Hunter with MOA turrets and reticle
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  2 Responses to “SHOT 2020”

  1. Did you get to test the Zeiss V8 1-8×30?

    • I have not. I have seen it, but I have not tested it. Zeiss is generally harder for me to get my hands on. There are a few optics companies that positively refuse to have anything to do with me and Zeiss is one of them. V8 scopes look like competent designs, but I have not done a thorough review of one.

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