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However, Meostar has somewhat shorter and more critical eyerelief, so if this scope is intended for a rifle with serious kick, Conquest might be a better option.


Additionally, you mention target turrets on the Conquest.  If you plan to shoot at extended ranges where you need to dial in elevation, Conquest becomes a better choice as well.  Conversely, the 3-12×56 Meostar is available with a #4B reticle that allows for a couple of holdover points using the reticle (since the reticle is in the Front Focal Plane, holdover points work the same at any magnification).  Some people like to use the reticle for longer range shooting, while others use the knobs.  It comes down to a personal preference.  Either way, combining low light conditions with long shots is often a risky proposition, so I would advise caution.


Lastly, keep in mind that the 3-12×56 Meostar is available both with and without illuminated reticle.  Meopta has a very well executed reticle illumination and I would strongly consider it if low light is a priority.


Bottom line, if your priority is low light, go with the Meopta Meostar 3-12×56 with illuminated #4C reticle in the Front Focal Plane. Non-illuminated version with a simple #4 reticle is a bit cheaper and also very effective.

If you lean toward longer range and like to use the knobs, Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14×50 with target knobs and #4 reticle is a good option.

If you lean toward longer range shooting and prefer reticle holdover, I like the non-illuminated Meopta Meostar with #4B reticle.


I hope this helps.

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