Jan 282012

I originally started OpticsThoughts as a simple repository for my articles.  Over time, as I realized that I simply do not have enough time to cover everything I find interesting, I thought of farming out some articles to other people whose opinion I value.  Yet another reason to do that is to offer a different viewpoint than mine

Although I generally try to get other people’s opinion on the products I test, I would typically be doing the write-up myself.

This time around, I actually have a new author writing for OpticsThoughts with minimal involvement from me (other than occasional commentary, mostly restricted to these blog posts).  

I met Les Fischer at 2012 SHOT Show, although we’ve excheanged a few e-mails before and I have seen his articles on AR15.com in the past.  I like the way Les writes and while I do not always agree with him, I always find his arguments well articulated and well thought out, so when he suggested that he wants to publish some of his articles on OpticsThoughts I found that to be a great idea.



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