Binoculars: Zeiss


Zeiss has been around for about as long as sporting optics have been around and they know how to make good binoculars.


Currently, Zeiss makes just about every magnification from diminutive 3.6×12 theater binoculars to large 20×60 mechanically stabilized ones.


However, the face of Zeiss’ binocular line is Victory FL.  These are as good as anything else out there and, to some, are indeed better than anything else out there.  Overall, I would have to agree.  I think Victory FL binoculars are the best out there for my eyes.  Ditto for the Victory RF: laser rangefinding binoculars.


I am not quite as impressed with the Conquest line, but that is just personal preference.  They are very solid binoculars.


I suppose, what I am trying to say is that you will not find a bad binocular in Zeiss’ product portfolio (nor a cheap one).

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