Binoculars: Pentax


Pentax is a company that has lost its way somewhat as far as sporting optics go.  A few years back they were the first to introduce a truly competent mid-priced roof prism binocular: DCF SP.  They offer several different binocular lines that are well made and competent, but since then the competition has largely passed them by.  It is not that Pentax makes bad binoculars.  They have a good reputation for durability and are decent optically.

That makes Pentax unlikely to be the best choice for most situations, but it also seldom a horrible choice.

One exception is Pentax’ PCF WP II – a line of good quality, but inexpensive porro binoculars.

I also like Pentax’ inverse porro binoculars, especially the unique Papilio binos with superb close focus capabilities.

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