Riflescopes: Burris


Burris is the “other” American riflescope company (other than Leupold, that is).

Burris is now owned by Beretta, which has also recently acquired Steiner.  That makes for an interesting dynamic, since Burris seems to greatly emphasize manufacture of riflescopes and Steiner is all about binoculars.

As far as Burris riflescopes go, I have been a bit conflicted about them in recent years.

Burris’ higher end scopes are, ostensibly, assembled here in the US (in Colorado) out of Pacific Rim optical components and mechanical components from both US and Pacific Rim.  The higher end scopes are XTR, SixX, Black Diamond, Euro Diamond and Signature Select.

Lower end Fullfield II and Timberline scopes are, I believe, made in the Phillipines.

XTS red dot sights hail from Korea, and I am pretty sure some other products are made in China.


I like some Burris scopes and I am completely confounded by others.  

XTR 1-4×24 and 1.5-6×40 are easily among my favourites; ditto for some Euro Diamond models.

I even like the tiny 4×20 Timberline scope.

However, Fullfield II line confuses me.  The basic FFII 1″ tube 2-7×35 and 3-9×40 scopes are pretty solid and well priced pieces.  However, as the configurations change, prices go up in a very non-linear manner.  The same scope shoved into a 30mm tube and given a taller knob somehow ends up costing almost $150 more.  A little more magnification can easily double the price.  


Honestly, I do not think that such a surcharge for features is warrantied, but perhaps I am just odd that way.  


All that having been said, Burris offers some unusual combination of features in a few scopes which while not super affordable are not horribly overpriced either.  

One is the aforementioned XTR 1.5-6×40.  I like scopes of moderate magnification and this one has exposed knobs for dialing in range along with a reticle calibrated to work with 7.62×51.  This is a very nice scope to go with a DMR rifle chambered for 7.62.

Burris Fullfield II Tactical 2-7×35 is one of the few tweeners you can get with a semi tall elevation knob for dialing in range.

I also like Burris 2.75×20 scout scope with its thick plex reticle that is very quick to pick up.

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