Written by ILya


If you would like to advertise on OpticsThoughts, please contact me so that we could discuss details. One thing I have to make clear though is that I am very leery of putting banners on my website from a specific manufacturer. If you are a retailer, however, who sells multiple brands, that is fine. I have to make sure I maintain my freedom to openly critique any product I look at.

I am open to adding advertising banners and links where they are unobtrusive and relevant.

Generally, I want to keep this site streamlined and unencumbered with flashy advertising that pops up out of nowhere (interestingly, most of the feedback on the look of the website I have received praises how simple it is to navigate and to find things), so if you are looking to get something onto here that looks like 4th of July fireworks on steroids, that is unlikely to happen.

Aside from that, I am sure we can work something out.


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