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All right, let’s see if anyone reads this…

I have an old(ish) Savage varminter that has a 22-250 barrel that is a bit worn out.  Honestly, it probably still has some life in it, but I feel like changing it out to something.

Here is what I plan to do:

1) Get a McRee chassis with a folding stock, bubble level and compatible with AR furniture (this).

2) Get a short heavy barrel chambered for a cartridge that will work with the bolt I currently have their (308 size bolt face).  I am thinking of barrel length somewhere between 16 and 18 inches.

Caliber choice is where I am having a hard time deciding.  The default choice is 308Win, and I might do that, but I also want to consider other options.  I already have a 6.5×47 Lapua, so that caliber is off the table.  I do not like segregating brass.

So, here is the question: what caliber should I go with for precision shooting out to… well, as far as I can take it?

I plan to handload, so ammunition availability makes no difference as long as I can get components.

What say you?



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  1. that barrel length and bolt face, it is tough for me to recommend anything besides a .243. Another option that would be more unique is to keep the 22-250 and get a more aggressive twist that will stabilize an 80 gr Berger VLD. Neither will have the reach of your 6.5Lapua obviously, but both will outreach the .308 and shoot pretty dang flat out to 600m.

    Good luck, and I look forward to hearing what you end up going with.

    PS Thanks for all the optics advise over the years. You provide a great service.

  2. You are welcome. At the moment, I have converged on two options that are wildly dissimilar, but interesting: 6mm BR or 338Whisper.

    I do not own any 6mm cartridges and the 6mmBR should not suffer unduly from a shortish barrel.

    338 Whisper would be nice and quiet and I already have a bunch of 338 bullets for my 338LM.

    Too many choices.

  3. Well, after all that chagrin, I decided to not do anything along the lines of what I was considering with this rifle. My brother-in-law’s birthday is coming up and I decided to build him a hunting rifle based on my Savage action.
    To that extent, I ordered a custom McGowen barrel for it and a McMillan stock.
    While it would be interesting to build a precision Savage on this action, I think my best bet to is to add another barrel to my Desert Tech if I decide I need another caliber.

  4. 6 BRX, feeds better than the standard BR?