U.S. Optics 1-8x 1st generation prototype Shot Show 2012 mini-review


U.S. Optics 1-8x 1st generation prototype Shot Show 2012 mini-review


By Les (Jim) Fischer (BigJimFish on AR15.com and Snipershide)

January 18, 2012


Purely by coincidence I happened to walk into the exhibition hall on the second level because I was coming down from the press room on the 3rd floor. USO had a very well situated booth pretty much front and center if you happened to enter the show from the door I did. I was excited to have the first booth in front of me be one of the stops on my list as I had not exactly planned out my path. I was also excited because a little birdie had told me, as well as many of you that USO would have a 1-8x prototype at the show. They did and I have some pics and impressions of that scope. First, I want to note though, that this is an early gen prototype of the forthcoming USO 1-8x. It is not by any means finished. In fact, the second focal plane part of the dual focal plane illumination was not functional at all and the unique electronics module to run this illumination system does not yet exist. Still, I am pleased that USO had the confidence to show this device even in unfinished form. Some other folks were not so forthcoming with their upcoming products and will, as a result, leave me not much to write about. Without further ado, a few picks.


USO 1-8x prototype next to the GRSC 1-6 I brought as a reference scope

uso with refrence


Pic through the USO showing the illuminated C2 reticle at 1x.

uso at 1x


All in all I thought the USO looked surprisingly good for a first gen prototype that they were literally still working on yesterday. The exit pupil and field of view were quite small and will need improvement but the clarity was very good. I was pleased to see things coming along so quickly on this scope since, to my knowledge, it has not been in development for all that long. This scope has been dubbed the SN-8 1-8x and as you can imagine, is still a few months out.


Also at the show was the SN-4 1-4x dual focal plane and the SN-3 3.2-17x37mm T-pal low profile sniper scope designed for mounting on black rifles. Both of these have been seen here before. My impression of the 1-4 dfp is that the 2fp illumination is not really bright enough to justify the dual focal plane concept. I have a brighter opinion of the low profile sn-3 3.2-17x which seems like a nice, lower profile sniper scope option for the black rifle crowd. I am a fan of USO’s 3.2-17x scopes as I find them to be very comfortable optically with regards to exit pupil, focus and clarity. My long range / load developments scope is a USO 3.2-17x with ergo parallax and a 44mm objective.


That will have to be all for the blog for today as it is 7:00 am here and I am hungary and need to get moving. I also saw Nightforce, Elcan, Kahles, S&B, Leupold, and Steiner though and have much to say about some as well as little about others. I apologize for the brevity of this blog but it is all the time I have and I figured something is better than nothing.