Kahles k16i 1-6x24mm 2012 Shot Show mini review


Kahles k16i 1-6x24mm 2012 Shot Show mini review


By Les (Jim) Fischer (BigJimFish on AR15.com and Snipershide)

January 26, 2012


In 2012 Kahles has decided to enter the American tactical market. Not a bad Idea since it has been my observation that when people buy expensive optics in America whether for hunting, competition, or any other use they tend to buy an optic with tactical features and styling. And why not, having a reticle capable of ranging, illumination, and nice adjustments does not make an optic less effective for hunting or competition. In most cases it makes it at least marginally more effective. The better question is why anyone buying a high dollar optic wouldn’t demand this greater degree of functionality.

Kahles is entering the tactical market with two scopes. One is a 6-24x56mm sniper scope called the k624i and the second is a 1-6x24mm known as the k16i. We will look first at the 6-24x. This scope offers many attractive features including a 14mils per turn 2 turn elevation turret with an indicator for which turn it is on as well as .1mil adjustments and a mil dot first focal plane reticle that also incorporates a height based stadia section. The most interesting aspect of this scope is probably the parallax focus which is a large ring at the base of the elevation adjustment instead of being on the left side of the scope. The illumination control is therefore alone at that position. Illumination only lights the center portion of the crosshairs limiting its ranging capability at low light times. One of the best aspects of this scope is that it is fairly light weight for the class at under 1kg. Here are the pics for the k624i:


The second scope introduced at shot is the 1-6x24mm k16i. This one is not yet up on their website and was in late prototype stage at the show. It is second focal plane and has .15mil finger adjustable capped adjustments. These felt a bit soft and not great at the show but I was informed that Kahles likewise did not find them to its liking and that this is the aspect of the scope being changed between the prototype that I handled and the release version. I found the field of view very good in this optic but the clarity did not meet with my expectations. The GRSC I brought with me was a bit better and it is a significantly cheaper optic. I also do not really like the reticle in the k16i. The central, rapid aiming portion of the reticle is a circle dot which is fine but the portion for bullet drop and ranging appears to offer only what I can assume is a vertical mil scale. This portion doesn’t really get it done for me. It strikes me as if they were going for mil scale function but weren’t happy with that stylistically and wanted to make it look more like a rapid ranging reticle. I don’t think the result captures the full functionality of either system. The illumination is pretty bright in this reticle and illuminates only the circle dot portion. Normally I would balk at the elimination of ranging functionality that illuminating only the center section results in but in this case I don’t care for the ranging portion and am happier with it unlit. All in all at $2,722 msrp I just find this scope very expensive for what it delivers. It’s light weight advantage just doesn’t make up for a less than desirable reticle and optics that are not as clear as they should be at this price. Here are some picks:

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