Steiner 1-4x24mm 2012 Shot show mini review


Steiner 1-4x24mm 2012 Shot show mini review


By Les (Jim) Fischer (BigJimFish on and Snipershide)

January 28, 2012


To be perfectly honest has never been a company that has really excited me. Year after year I have looked through Steiner binoculars at my local shops, as well as this year at Shot, and never found them to be impressive in any regard. They have always seemed to be priced, branded, and advertised as top tier European optics but when I look though them they have always seemed, at best, equivalent to mid range Japanese glass.


My experience this year with their 1-4x24mm Military Tactical rifle scope just about exactly reflected my previous encounters. It is not a bad scope. It is reasonably light, and has a good field of view. It also has good click adjustments that might be a bit on the light side resistance wise but seem acceptable. These adjustments are exposed though fairly small and unobtrusive. This is not a great scope though, and it does not compete at its price point. I expected more out of the scopes clarity. It is, perhaps, slightly less clear than my reference GRSC which, not incidentally, is a $1k Japanese made scope. I should also note that the GRSC is also a first focal plane rifle scope with a 1-6x power range. The Steiner is a second focal plane with only 1-4x range. These factors make it a much easier optic to construct and coupled with its price point at around $2k, (though I understand they will be lowering that this year) I would expect much more from this optic. The only really “bright spot” was its illumination. The illumination is easily daytime bright, though this really isn’t that hard to do in a high priced 2nd focal plane optic. There is just not much positive I can say about this Scope. The bottom line is that I think it should be competing at $1k not $2k.


Interestingly, Steiner’s sniper scopes do not suffer from the same overconfidence that plagues the rest of the brand yet deliver more. They are priced quite low for ffp European optics and if they drop the price this year, as I hear that  they will, they will be equivalent in cost to the FFP Nightforce offerings. All of these sniper scopes have very nicely designed turrets, are mil-mil, and illuminated. This year Steiner added a 5-25x56mm to the lineup and I expect them all to be very competitive.


Here is a picture of the 1-4x24mm lined up next to my reference GRSC. I apologize for the lack of through the scope pictures. I either lost them in my misadventures with my camera or simply forgot to take them.