Trijicon TR24 Shot Show 2012 mini-review


Trijicon TR24 Shot Show 2012 mini-review


By Les (Jim) Fischer (BigJimFish on and Snipershide)

February 17, 2012


Trijicon was one of the last booths I visited on day 4 of Shot. I was booking to get done by this point which was really to bad as I would have liked to have played with the new really expensive long range rifle scopes.


The TR24 is Trijicon’s entry into the 1-4x market. It was introduced to a very impatient public a few years back. I remember the discussions of how great it would be to have a 1-4x ACOG. That was not really what happened. Though no one expected the TR24 to look like an ACOG, it was expected that the familiar ACOG style BDC reticle would be present. Due to the construction of the AcucPoint scopes, floating elements, such as the ACOG scopes have, are not possible. This does not mean that it would not be possible to make a reticle similar to that of an ACOG, but it does rule out one that looks identical. Instead trying for an approximation, Trijicon has gone with two non-ranging options, a German #1 and #4. Both these reticles are very thick and, as a result, not particularly good for hold over. I spoke with the rep for a short time about reticle situation and he said they are kicking around the idea of adding a ranging capable reticle. I have heard this for years. I will believe it when I see it.


The TR24 1-4x next to the reference GRSC 1-6x:


Regarding the optic itself, a little research on my part combined with my hands on inspection has revealed that the TR24 is, in all likelihood, a Light Optics product. The glass is of the clarity one expects from that OEM. It stacks up evenly with the GRSC and looks very good. The field of view is also slightly larger, which one would expect from a 2fp scope that is 1-4x instead of 1-6x. The adjustments, on the TR24, are of the Light optic type that is seen on so many other scopes and discussed in length in the Sightron review. In the case of the Trijicon, these are 1/4moa. They feel very good and are some of my favorite adjustments for this class optic.


Really, if you are looking at this scope it is not about the adjustments, it is about the illumination. You can buy an assortment of other Light Optics manufactured scopes from a handful of other brands with a higher magnification range, better reticles, the same glass, and the same adjustments, but none of them will have a fiber / Tritium illumination scheme. This scheme requires no batteries and is easily daytime bright. In the daytime, the illumination is also adjustable by sliding a ring around the fiber pick up to cover all or part of the fiber. At night, illumination is not adjustable and may, or may not, play well with night vision systems. I suspect it is probably to bright for them. Still, daytime bright without batteries is a good selling point and this illumination scheme is in a solid scope from a well respected brand and OEM.


The TR24 1-4x with maximum illumination at 1x:


The TR24 1-4x with maximum illumination at 4x: