Shield RMS deal on Brownells

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Nov 212021

I was looking for something on Brownells and accidentally stumbled on Shield RMS with 4MOA dot for under $300.  This is the exact red dot sight I have been using for several years and I have never seen it this low.  My best guess is that they are clearing out their inventory as RMS 2.0 gets there.  RMS 2.0 is a better sight, it seems (I have one of those as well), but for under $300 a UK-made RMS is mighty tempting.

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Geissele Triggers

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Nov 112021

As we get closer to Black Friday, I’ll be occasionally posting links if I think a product I like is available at a particularly good price.

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Updating the Recommendations

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Oct 172021

I update the recommendations page roughly once each year.  Occasionally, I’ll do mid-year updates, but that is not common.  It takes me a little time, so I started out with what is arguably the most asked about price segment: under $2k.

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