The DLO Recommendations: Riflescopes

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  1. Ilya, I have a thought/consideration for future reviews? How about including/considering the used/discounted acquisition cost for scopes costing above $1200 in future DLO? Example: since I don’t really think what I said explains what I am thinking very well? Such as the SIG Tango6 1st gen stuff was going out the door significantly lower than the normal street price (to make ready for the gen 2 stuff). Do they become say a better choice than a SWFA 3-15×42 for the regular price when they can be had for say $700/900? It may just be too much of a swamp too, I guess? Derrel

    • I’ve thought about it, but it is kinda difficult to predict how far down prices on recently discontinued scopes go. Same for used ones. They fluctuate enough to make any sort of classification difficult. I point out good deals when an opportunity presents itself, but that is largely it.
      Gen 1 Tango 6 is a good scope that is generally on par with SWFA’s SSHD stuff and better than SWFA Classic. For a while there you could get a Gen 1 Tango6 for an absolute steal.

  2. Currently waiting on the UPS truck for the delivery of my TT 3x15m. Your descriptive of how things work fuels my interest.
    I value your reviews.

  3. Hi DLO,

    Have you had a chance to review a Sig Whiskey 5? If so, how does it compare to the new Razor LHT? If the prices are similar, which one would be the better choice?


  4. And how does the Leopold VX5 compare to the Razor LHT and Whiskey 5?

    • These three compete against each other and there isn’t a ton of difference between them in terms of performance. Optically, Whiskey5 and VX-5HD are very close with HD-LHT beind just a touch better. Mechanically, it is hard to say for sure since HD-LHT is quite new. Its predecessor HD LH was quite robust, so I expect this one to be good too.


  5. Thank you!!!

  6. And how does the SFP 3-18 Optika 6 stack up against the Razor LHT? Thanks!!

    • I have not tested the SFP version of the Optika6, but if I understand it correctly, the optics and mechanics are the same. I would go with the Razor HD-LHT over the SFP Optika6. The Razor is a little better optically and weighs less. Extra weight make sense if you want FFP, but for a SFP hunting scope, going lighter is a good thing.

  7. Thanks again for your expert opinion.