Riflescopes: Super Sniper


“Super Sniper” scopes that are frequently referred to by a simple abbreviation S.S. have had a somewhat confusing history.  I am not gong to go into a whole lot of details on that, but here are the important points:

  • These scopes started out as Tasco Super Sniper scopes made in Japan in an attempt to satisfy the requirements of  Navy contract in the 1980s.
  • At some point along the way Tasco was going under and got bought by Bushnell.  Super Sniper scopes went through a short interregnum of being neither here nor there.
  • At that point, SWFA, a large dealer distributor of sporting optics stepped in and bought all rights to Super Sniper name and, presumably, design.

In retrospect, it was a very smart move on SWFA’s part.  They put the scopes through a mild refresh that improved the glass and some internals without changing the overall character of the scopes: these are still very rugged scopes that do not have a whole lot of extraneous features.  However, the features they do have are very well thought out and implemented.


As of February 2010:

S.S. line-up consists of the following scopes, all equipped with Mil-Dot reticles:

  • 10×42 scope with rear parallax adjustment and 1/4MOA clicks (this is the original Super Sniper scope) 
  • 10×42 scope with side-focus parallax adjustment and 1/4MOA clicks
  • 16×42 scope with rear parallax adjustment and 1/4MOA clicks
  • 20×42 scope with rear parallax adjustment and 1/4MOA clicks
  • 3-9×42 scope with Front Focal Plane reticle and 1/10mrad clicks
  • 10x42HD scope with rear parallax adjustment and 1/10mrad clicks.  HD stands for Heavy Duty (I think). This scope is made in a different factory than the original 10×42.  It is overbuilt in every way possible: glass is much better and mechanicals are beefed up

I believe there are other variable magnification scopes planned, but I do not know off-hand what they are.

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