Riflescopes: Bushnell


Bushnell has been around for some time.  Like most scopes brands in the US, Bushnell does not actually own factories that make optics.  Rather, it buys products from various OEMs.


As of early 2010:

Bushnell markets a dizzying variety of rifle scopes from very cheap chinese-made pieces that come in plastic bubblepacks, to nearly $1000 4.5-30×50 Japanese-made scopes.  

I am not planning to go through a description of whole Bushnell line-up, but I will mention the scope lines that I like:

  • Anything with the word “Elite” in it is made in Japan and offers Rainguard outer coatings that repel water and minimize fogging. 
  •  Elite 6500 and 4200 scopes are the best of Bushnell’s offerings and are easily among the best scopes in their price ranges.  The offer a lot for the money and have a good reputation for quality and reliability.
  • Elite 3200 scopes are a step lower.  While these are competent and well-made scopes, I like them a bit less than their more expensive cousins. Honestly, I think Elite 3200 scopes are due for a refresh, since there is now competition in the same price range that is better.
  • Everything else in Bushnell line-up is made in China.  I have a reasonable amount of experience with Legend and Trophy scopes and they are actually quite good and affordable.  Notably, Trophy scopes are rated for airguns.
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