Spotters: Under $400


In this price range there are already a few worthwhile pieces, although ultimately, if you really need a spotter you should be ready to spend a fair amount of cash and I would recommend you extend your search to the next price category.


I will segregate these spotters based on the objective lens diameter.



Leupold Gold Ring 10-20×40.  This is one of the smaller spotters on the market that doubles as a pretty decent monocular.



Minox 16-30×50.  This spotter impressed me with how sturdy it felt and how decent it was for the price.  It is compact, but beefy with nice glass.

Honorable mention : Leupold Gold Ring 15-30×50.  This is a testament of what you can do if you do not push for especially ambitious design.  This spotter is a little longer than the current crop of 50mm spotters, but that allows it to deliver very nice image without resorting to exotic glass types or super complicated lenses.



Nikon 16-48×60 XL.  Another strudy offerrign with decent performance.  This is a fairly decent field spotter with a somewhat unconventional form factor.



Hearsay recommendation: I heard that Alpen 20-60×80 spotter is kinda OK, but I have not seen it myself.

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